This activation delivered a clear message and gave every employee a great experience. During the campaign and event, employees on all levels were a part of the dialogue, working together across business units, and having fun with colleagues, both new and old. We created a 360-degree experience that not only delivered a clear message, but also celebrated Tryg as a company and, most importantly, celebrated the people who are the backbone of Tryg.


Corporate Culture Campaign and Event


Tryg Employees


Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Faroe Islands and Norway


2014 / 2015

The purpose

Tryg is the biggest insurance company in the Nordic territory, and they wanted to communicate a shift in organisational purpose, as well as celebrate the fact that their employees are doing a good job. Approximately 2,800 employees attended the actual celebration day and night, and they came from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Faroe Islands.


What we did

Agenda Group created and executed an internal campaign focussing on a new organisational purpose, culminating in a event where team building and a giant party wrapped everything up as a celebration of Tryg as an organisation and, more importantly, a celebration of each employee’s much appreciated effort.

The concept of Live the Dream was brought to life through specific campaign activities preceding the event with employee engagement on three principal messages: Practice, Fail, Repeat, Succeed, Activate Your Potential and Activate the Potential.

The event itself had team building activities and talks further developing the concept, and it culminated with a party with live performances from Swedish singer, Linnea Henriksson, Danish singer, Christoffer, and international superstar, Kylie Minogue. The Norwegian native, Stian Blipp, led the employees through a night they will not forget any time soon.

The results

Every single employee, every team and every department at Tryg was reminded of the organisational purpose and extended to their appreciation.

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