DATE: SEPTEMBER 29th, 2021

DATE: SEPTEMBER 29th, 2021



As an attendee of the Disney Consumer Products Sales Meeting, you are given permission to view elements of certain Walt Disney Pictures, Marvel feature films and Star Wars that are still in development. You are not authorized to take any photographs, or make any tape or other recordings or other transcriptions of such films, and you may not handle or remove any artwork to which you are provided access.

You will also be attending various presentations. During the course of these presentations, you may acquire, or have access to, confidential information concerning works in progress, artwork, plots, characters or other matters relating to Disney’s, Marvel’s and Star Wars’ artistic creations and other information concerning Disney’s, Marvel’s, Star Wars’ or third parties’ business and operations, which may not be accessible to the general public. You agree to keep all such information confidential.

In addition, any such knowledge acquired by you during the course of the presentation shall not be used, published or divulged by you to any person or entity in any manner whatsoever unless you obtain the prior written permission of Disney, Marvel or Star Wars which permission Disney, Marvel or Star Wars may withhold in its absolute discretion.

It is expressly understood that your attendance at this presentation, or any disclosure by Disney, Marvel and Star Wars, does not constitute a public use or disclosure, or sale or offer for sale, of any Disney, Marvel or Star Wars product, equipment, process, or service.

When registering you will be asked to certify that you have read and agree to be bound by this Non-Disclosure Agreement.