Experience-based communication
What is that?

First of all

It’s a real-life experience you design expressly for your audience guided by your brand strategy, and with an eye toward creating content for communication, and connecting with your audience in ways that last beyond the initial event.

Second of all

It implements all relevant media earned and bought to optimize impact, bond your audience to you brand and maximize return on investment.

Third of all

Experience-based communication is our trademarked marketing power tool.

A real-life experience delivers truthful and honest content that can be applied to all communication platforms. This has proven much more powerful than working the other way around.

A real-life experience has the power to touch the hearts and minds of your audience.

We build each experience with strategic focus and a creative edge which delivers real, honest, and sticky stories which have the ability to break through the clutter and spread contagiously.

We see it as a good way to optimize your return on investment by maximizing earned media and minimizing the need for bought media. It’s simple math.

Since 1998, we have had great success building substantial brand equity by creating properties and real-life content for our clients.

We believe in experience-based communication, because experiences cause a message to catch on.

People share feelings not facts!

That is why experiences determine which thoughts and ideas are foremost on peopleʼs minds. They influence how receivers will perceive a message and determine what they choose and what they will share.

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Together with our clients,
we have won the following
prizes and awards

We are all accomplished experts in experience-based communication. By collaborating with a tried-and-tested network of partners and freelancers we guarantee our clients, that we provide the strongest team.


Cannes Gold Lion International Media Award

Danish Sponsorship and Event Marketing Prize


Danish Sponsorship and Event Marketing Prize


Cannes Gold Lion International Media Award

Danish Sponsorship and Event Marketing Prize


Guldkorn Award

Rambuk and Rambuk Grand Prix


Advertising Effectiveness Award


Rambuk Innovation Prize


Rambuk Campaign Prize