Virtual Hive:
Your all-in-one 3D
experience platform

Virtual Hive is a Agenda Group's digital 3D platform for hybrid conferences, meetings, fairs, tradeshows, and more. We combine state-of-the-art event technology with our extensive knowledge of human behavior to create immersive 3D events that put experience first.

Whether you want to host a small interdepartmental meeting or a large-scale hybrid conference for thousands of attendees, we’ve got you covered. With more than 20 years of experience under our belt, we’re among the leading specialists in developing and executing engaging hybrid events across industries.

In 2016, considering climate change, financial costs, and business efficiency, we expanded our business model and set our sights on creating a virtual product that would fully compete with a physical event in terms of emotional impact, learning efficiency, engagement, leads, and conversions – with greater data output.

Today, we stay close to our roots while facilitating connection and communication on a global scale. We're based in Copenhagen, Denmark, and host virtual and hybrid events for organizers and attendees worldwide.

The value of hybrid events, conferences and fairs

To the host

Increased attendee count
Significantly reduced expenses
Valuable analytics at the fingertips
Saves a lot of time
Increased attendee feedback
More value for exhibitors & sponsors
Easier lead retrieval

To the attendee

Greater flexibility
Effective networking opportunities (1:1 and in groups)
An immersive, real-life 3D experience
No geographical constraints
On-demand access to content, presentations, sessions and keynotes 
Endless engagement opportunities

Thanks to Virtual Hive, our summit was cost-effective, significantly widened our reach, and brought us valuable attendee data and analytics – elements an in-person summit would never be able to deliver.

Lisa Burchardi
Marketing Operations Manager