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Good developers are the rock stars of the tech industry and they are few and hard to impress. TDC’s in-house digital powerhouse – aptly named DIGITAL – is where most developers should aspire to work. They just don’t know it.


Tech BBQ is an industry stable when it comes to showcasing who you are in the tech world and, most importantly, what you can offer to those you want to recruit. And getting the attention of skilled developers is what everybody aspires to do at the event – this then also becomes the challenge.

How did Live contribute to the solution?

A lot of time was spent figuring out what it is about DIGITAL that could interest potential new employees. In the end, we created a communication framework, which conveyed the work and ambitions of an extremely agile part of TDC Group in very precise terms and converted it into a series of activations and touchpoints, culminating at Tech BBQ.


Our concept, design and execution of DIGITAL’S booth at Tech BBQ managed to cut through the noise and, in words and experiences, help move DIGITAL up the target audience’s shortlist.


The booth proved to be a valuable and successful conversation starter and worked as a much-needed ‘way in’ to a highly sought-after target audience. For an in-depth presentation of the results and the process that made them possible, please reach out.


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