Global Leadership Conference

since 2017

How do you implement real change in an organization of 500,000?

First of all, you brace yourself for the long haul. Then you start with the executive level, making sure that those driving change know how and where to go. Then you train collaboration, stress the need and the benefits of working together. Finally, you are at a place where it can all come together for the last leap towards achieving the change you want.


Every year, ISS gathers its top 450 executives together at our Global Leadership Conference (previously: Top Management Conference), hosted by our Group CEO, with participants from all over the world. We wanted to reshape this important communication platform, and chose Agenda Group as our partner.

In close collaboration with ISS stakeholders and in accordance with our strategy, key messages and focus areas, Agenda Group helped us rethink and reshape the entire concept and event.

Agenda Group’s unique mix of professionals within creative services, event production and communication was a big reason why TMC 2017 became the best ever. Thus we have extended the collaboration for a further two years.

If you want a professional partner who is creative, detailed, structured and can challenge you to elevate your event, we can comfortably recommend Agenda Group. Please feel free to reach out for further information.

Christian Lauritzen / Head of Group Learning and Development, Group People & Culture / ISS


Further developing a well-known and well-liked annual learning format to a forum for personal and professional growth, collaboration and fruitful discussions among peers with the sole purpose of changing a way of doing business, continues to be the challenge we face. And with each GLC we come a step closer.

How did Live contribute to the solution?

ISS’ GLC has become a cornerstone in ISS’ efforts to change its global focus and way of working. The three-day conference located in cities around the world is where management meets and works together. It is a forum for conversation and collaboration, regarded with anticipation by the participants invited. A lot of work and planning go into ensuring that GLC is a success, but in the end it comes down to Live.


Concept, copy, art direction, design, communication, video, planning, execution and everything in between for three consecutive GLCs, with more to come.


Through close collaboration with ISS and other agency partners we’ve managed to further the conversation about what ISS is and what it should be with each successive GLC. For an in-depth presentation of the results and the process that made them possible please reach out.