Nykredit Private Banking

Facets of Outlook

since 2016

Creating a long-running tradition of live experiences catering to a very discerning target audience is firstly a matter of close collaboration with those who knows the target audience best, and secondly a matter of searching for something new. Something that is just what you did not know you wanted to experience.


Designing a client programme that is a true differentiator in the market and has the ability to not only engage existing customers, but also move business to Nykredit Private Banking is indeed a challenge.

Getting it just right every time is important when asking a very discerning target audience to spend an evening with their bank. Creating experiences that not only reflect well on the brand, but also have the ability to fill every seat in the house demands a very comprehensive approach to where possible and desirable meet.

How did Live contribute to the solution?

Our on-going cooperation with Nykredit Private Banking has been based from the start on a shared belief that offering quality experiences will not only lift the brand perception, but also be the basis for long-term relationships built on shared experiences. The value of that is why we have been working with this concept since 2015.


Concept, copy, art direction, experience design, planning, curation, content development, production and execution of 5 events per year since 2015.


The fact that this client programme is able to attract new business to Nykredit Private Banking and that these events are fully booked minutes after registration opens really says it all. please reach out.