MT Højgaard

MT Højgaard

100 years as a driving force

since 2018

100 years as one of the leading construction and civil engineering companies in the Nordic region is indeed something to celebrate.

So yes, there should be cake, but it was decided first and foremost that this momentous occasion should be a way to build culture and cement the common passion that permeates the many different ways of working in the organisation.

Afspil video
Afspil video
Afspil video


We have worked with Agenda Group for a long time and are extremely pleased with the cooperation. Agenda makes a great effort to understand the company in detail and really absorb the corporate culture.

They offer very strong competences within both strategic and creative communication, visual design and project management. One characteristic that we think is unique to Agenda Group is their ability to listen and their humility towards the challenge we have set them. We greatly appreciate that.

Ann-Louise Elkjær / Kommunikationsdirektør / MT Højgaard


Bridging the gap between the construction site and head office by finding the common denominator – by focusing on the one thing they all share – the essence of a company that has seen up and downs, that has built landmarks we all see every day, was the essence of this campaign.

How did Live contribute to the solution?

We utilised the fact that Live – a real-life encounter – can’t help but spark conversation, spark engagement, with the certainty that what the conversation revolves around is bound to be the common denominator. The thing we share – and in spite of everything else, we can agree on.


A series of real-life encounters captured on video and portrait banners at selected locations was the cornerstone of the centenary celebrations. Each video and banner execution premiered at town hall meetings throughout the anniversary year.


MT Højgaard experienced how employees across the board felt a renewed sense of pride and appreciation as a direct result of the campaign.

The fact that the campaign articulated a common ‘why’ that is easily forgotten in a hectic work environment, continues to be a cultural reference point in the organisation. For an in-depth presentation of the results and the process that made them possible, please reach out.